Strike A Perfect Match

Because you're viewing this site, chances are you own a business, are launching a business, or are in charge of your

company’s marketing.


You need to a) find a design/marketing team or b) make a change. Either way, it’s a critical decision to make.

Where is the "perfect match"?


Your list of requirements include:

 • Extensive marketing experience and a portfolio to prove it

 • Expert knowledge about current technology, online tools, digital media, print, packaging (and any other service you may need)

 • Fair pricing

 • An efficient, single source that gets the job done right – so you can get back to business!


How about adding these to the list?

 • Receive ongoing, valuable insight and specific recommendations to grow your brand and increase sales

 • Work with skilled pros that are not only good at what they do, but have a passion for craft and quality

 • Launch effective strategies and tools that fit today – but have tomorrow's next level in mind


The BrandLand Marketing team has all of the above. Our roots go back over 25 years to the days of the traditional advertising agency. We’ve evolved in every way since then and today have even more effective tools. It's the best of both worlds: a history of real-world results combined with today’s technology. Our experience can be your advantage.


If you are a growth-oriented company with vision, ready to go to the next level and are committed to getting there, we’d like to talk to you.


Take a tour of our site to learn the basics, then contact us to learn more about what we can do exclusively for you.

You provide the spark, we'll provide the rest.


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BrandLand Marketing designs and produces full service advertising and marketing programs for business.


Our services include: brand strategy, marketing plans, marketing for crowdfunding, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, logos, packaging design, ads, brochures, video marketing, post production, animation, CGI graphics, website design, website hosting, website analytics, social media, direct mail, catalogs, custom photography, PR, copywriting, Powerpoint presentations, trade show booth design, vehicle wraps, signs, and more.


We are based in Southern California and work with clients throughout greater Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire  and San Diego,  across the USA, and internationally.